About Us


The Mission

To create a peace monument in Morgan Hill to symbolize peace, tolerance, and unity. This will establish Morgan Hill as a culture of friendship and hope for a better world- linking Morgan Hill with people of all faiths and nationalities worldwide. There are tens of thousands of peace monuments throughout the world, in over 180 countries and on every continent.


The Monument

The monument will be a 10 foot-tall, vertical column with the words "Peace" etched on it in 7- 10 different languages reflecting our diverse community. The monument will be located on the grassy knoll on the left of the Morgan Hill Library near the Sister City benches. When the monument is placed there, it will create a space for reflection and gathering. Location and monument have been approved through the City of MH already and the El Toro Culture and Arts Commission. 


The Pledge

Respect Life ~ Reject Violence ~ Share with Others ~ Preserve the Planet ~ Listen to Understand ~ Rediscover Solidarity (Peace Pledge adaptation from the United Nations Manifesto for a culture of peace and non-violence)